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New Civil Marriage Law in Dubai - 2023

Non-Muslim Dubai residents can now get their marriage certificate within a day

Introduction of Dubai Court's New "Civil Marriage Service"

Dubai Courts introduces the Civil Marriage Contract Service, which allows non-Muslim residents to get married (Both parties must be non-Muslim, and at least one party must be a resident of Dubai). This service is available for non-Muslim foreigners seeking to complete their marriage ceremonies in Dubai.

What Are The Conditions Required to Benefit From the Civil Marriage Contract Service From Dubai Courts?

The condition required to benefit from the civil marriage contract service from Dubai Courts are follows;

- One of the parties must be a resident or citizen of Dubai.

- The age of the engaged parties must be 21 years old or older.

- Both parties must be non-Muslim.

- The parties or their legal representative shall appear in person, and they have to submit the Power of Attorney of the representative (if any), and the concerned party shall submit his original ID to ratify his/her identity details.

- All documents shall be submitted in soft copies in PDF format, provided that the same shall be submitted in legal Arabic translation stamped by the Ministry of Justice in UAE, and if issued from outside the country, the same shall be certified by the official authorities: The Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the concerned country, the UAE embassy in the concerned country and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Coorperation, UAE.

What are the documents required to benefit from the Civil Marriage Service in Dubai Courts?

Overview of "Civil Marriage Service" Provided by Dubai Coruts.

Civil Marriage Service allows the completion of civil marriage ceremonies for non-Muslims within one day.

Learn how to benefit from the civil marriage service provided by Dubai Courts for non-Muslims residents of the Emirate of Dubai.

All you have to do is follow these steps.

- Visit one of Dubai Court Service centers.

List of Civil Marriage Centre's in Dubai

Government Service Centre's

Dubai Court Centre - Al Yalayis

Dubai Court Centre - Wafi Mall

Dubai Court Centre - Al Barsha Traffic Building

- Fill out the digital form

- After the designated employee verifies the consent of both parties the request will be confirmed and signed electronically

- Then it will be sent to the judge for approval and signature

- After verifying the completion of legal requirements, You will received the civil marriage contract documented and approved electronically via SMS and email.

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